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logo anka           Development Agency of Karditsa (AN.KA. S.A. )

AN.KA’s main objectives are to help develop, manage, maintain, protect and make the best use of natural resources, introduce innovation and entrepreneurship in the productive system; introduce and increase the use of renewable energy sources; support and develop new collective structures, contribute in social development and the general development of Karditsa and other areas in Greece, if requested.


European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA)

FEBEA is the European Federation of Ethical and alternative Banks, an international non-for-profit association incorporated under Belgian law,created in Brussels in 2001. FEBEA federates nowadays 24 members based across 11 European Union and 2 EFTA countries. The members have different legal forms but they all share the same concern for transparency and social and environmental utility.

In addition to being a place for exchanges and sharing experiences, FEBEA aims to create financial tools able to help existing initiatives in the field of alternative finance.

FEBEA developed the financing company ‘SEFEA: Société Européenne de Finance Ethique et Alternative ‘ – European Ethical and alternative Financing Company, managed by Banca Popolare Etica in Padova (Italy).


logo bvba 

bvba Helde 


Logo Syneter  Cooperative Bank of Karditsa

Cooperative Bank of Karditsa is a financial institution based in Karditsa, Central Greece (Prefecture of Thessaly) and operating with its current form since 1997.

The main midterm objectives of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa’s policy are: to safeguard liquidity, capital adequacy, asset quality, achieve high efficiency by containing operating costs, and to seek synergies in order to improve the portfolio of products and services. Cooperative Bank of Karditsa LLC will continue to focus on SMEs, the agricultural sector and retail banking segments, where it holds strong expertise. Cooperative Bank of Karditsa LLC covers all financial and banking activities in the market of Karditsa. Cooperative Bank of Karditsa LLC possesses particular know-how in the areas of small enterprises, in agricultural banking, in consumer and mortgage credit.



logo eetaa  Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government (E.E.T.A.A.)

E.E.T.A.A. is an Intermediate Management Body for National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), the Rural Development Programme and the Operational Programme “Fisheries”. In this capacity it issues calls of proposals to beneficiaries mainly municipalities for the implementation of technical projects oriented in infrastructure (such us water supply networks, reconstruction of urban areas ,green areas enhancement, road construction, construction of municipalities multi-purpose centres, environmental regenerations etc.)

In addition with the cooperation of the rest Units of EETAA its mission is to support and strengthen the Greek Local Administration in the effective management and implementation of EU co-funded Operational Programmes, covering needs in management systems, tools, procedures and know-how.



34, Megalou Alexandrou str. KARDITSA

: 2441042363

Fax: 2441071636



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